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International coaching

Professional coaching. In your language

In English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch

Every person and every profession is different. Sometimes your career can take you abroad, perhaps for several years. You come into contact with different cultures and make a lot of new experiences.
The requirements which such a stay abroad asks from you, may weigh more heavily and can be more difficult to deal with than you could ever have imagined. Supportive aspects of the home country are missing and the people you meet personally or professionally, act and react differently to what you are used to.

A professional coach in your native language will make you feel more at ease and will help you to cope with these demands successfully. The methods we use are, effectively and pragmatically and help you quickly to understand your environment better and align your thinking and acting accordingly. You get from us the tools you need  to meet the challenges in your professional and private life.

Are you looking for a coach in your native language?

We are specialized in:

Psychology Coaching

How to deal with difficult employees, colleagues, demanding superiors?

Conflict management

Integration private changes

Career Coaching

Reorientation, career planning

Clarification of questions around the meaning of life

Determining and clarifying your own position

Concretising personal goals, work-life balance

Coaching to personal effectiveness

Training in communication and behavior

Strength and weakness analyses

Maximum performance under time pressure

Strategies against burnout

Expansion of management, self-management leadership skills

Expat coaching

Adjusting to problems within a new culture

accompanied by partners and family members in the same process

Identity problems


Who are we?

We are a group of very well-trained, international psychologists and coaches. Our native languages are German, French, Spanish, English or Dutch and we live and work as expats in Amsterdam. We feel connected to other expats and we would like to make our expertise available for you. Apart from our training experience, we are all well-trained psychologists and psychotherapists. We have more than 20 years of work experience and most of us have their own practice for coaching and psychotherapy in the centre of Amsterdam.

Anne van Haaster

Van origine ben ik Frans. Na mijn studie psychologie in Parijs heb ik een ruime ervaring opgebouwd in Frankrijk en in Nederland, waar ik sinds 1995 woon. Al meer dan 25 jaar heb ik tussen twee landen, twee talen en twee culturen geleefd.


Drs. Dorine van der Schaar
English | French | Spanish | Dutch

I have worked as a fully certified psychologist/coach for over twenty years. My professional experience primarily includes coaching and therapy as well as teaching, training and supervising. I love my work; I have an effective and no nonsense approach and do my best to make my clients feel at ease.

Drs. Gerlind Fuge
German| Dutch | English

In a constantly changing world of work, a course has to be set continuously and decisions have to be made. How do I use my personal resources, particularly in new areas of work, so that I successfully reach my goals? How do I deal with changes? How do I want to continue creating my career and plan my life? How do I best utilise my physical and mental resources?