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Coaching For Expats

Career development / Psychological Coaching / Expat Lifestyle Choices


It takes courage to explore your professional development across multiple cultural landscapes. If the course of your life takes you to other countries, environments and cultures you encounter specific demands, stresses and challenges. These issues result from both the new, different and unknown aspects of your changed environments, as well as the absence of the familiar and often comforting and supportive aspects of your native lands.

‘There are a lot of challenges’

Perform wel in your new job and adapt to the new organization and its culture. Getting al family-members reestablished in their social environments. We can assist you to cope with these demands successfully in order to open new horizons in your professional and personal life As experienced professional advisors and psychologists we can bring immediate clarity and more stability into your life. Each of us has navigated complex intercultural contexts for extended periods in our lives. For us being expat has been our core identity. Therefore we feel connected to the expat community.

We offer solutions in:

Career Development

  • Conflict management
  • Reorienting your personal/professional goals
  • Work/life balance
  • Improvement of management, self-management and leadership skills
  • Strategies against burnout
  • Attention and time management skills

Psychological Coaching

  • Training in communication and behavior
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Work/life balance
  • Strength and weakness analyses
  • Decision making Mindfulness training

Expat Lifestyle Choices

  • Adjusting to a new culture
  • Homesickness Intercultural communication
  • Handling issues of family members adapting to a new place
  • Dilemmas of reintegration in your own country, moving again or staying longer

Who we are

We are native / fluent speakers of English / French / Spanish / German / Dutch

We have lived and worked as expats ourselves and have an intimate understanding of the expatriate experience, with all its highs and lows

Apart from being skilled advisors, we all maintain professional certification as psychologists / psychotherapists

We each have more than 20 years of professional experience

We each have our own practice of psychotherapy / coaching in the centre of Amsterdam





Finding solutions

in creative ways

helps to start moving






Due to my background,
an international environment
feels like home to me


Life as an expat is familiar to her,
she was dealing with cultural
differences in her own family,
as wel as in her professional life.